Our recycling program was designed with your practice in mind. Solmetex has developed a comprehensive Waste Compliance Program that includes the disposal of all regulated dental waste. We offer a variety of disposal kits for all sizes of dental practices. These annualized disposal programs are offered through your local dealer give you waste disposal peace of mind.


Never be without a new collection container in your office.   Solmetex offers a complimentary AutoShip program where we will regularly ship a collection container to your practice on your schedule, you designate the frequency, we ship it to you on schedule.  

To enroll, call Solmetex Customer Care line 800-216-5505 or print the AutoShip form to scan/fax/email the form back to us.    

Shipping Label

Ease of use of our recycling program has always been top priority at Solmetex.  Our return by web portal allows you the ability to print out UPS shipping label, so you can return full containers and waste buckets. (Approved Solmetex Packaging Required).

Click here to learn how to print a UPS shipping Label.


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