The company “Recycledent” was established in 2007 as a response to the recommendation by the American Dental Association and the requirement by some states as to the installation of an Amalgam Separation System installed in dental practices. If we look at best management practices from the ADA over a number of years, it has been about proper management of amalgam wastes with the utilization of amalgam separators and amalgam buckets.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s new federal ruling that every dental practice be equipped with an amalgam separator becomes law in less than 3 years, on July 14, 2020. Both the ADA best practice protocols and the new federal ruling consider that the handling of amalgam is a staple of dentistry and calls for prudent disposal.

Throughout the years the owners of Recycledent have supported the products available through Solmetrex due to their ease of installation, low cost maintenance and their simple and comprehensive recycling program. They also offer a full line of other recycling products used in every office in America.

Recycledent is owned by the wife of a dentist who understands the needs and regulation of dental practices. She has committed her practice to insuring that the compliance of amalgam separation is without complications and can be handled easily by the dental staff. Videos are available to illustrate the ease of changing cartridges when necessary.


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